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Hi All, I will be heading to Florida next week for ICAST! This is my 3rd year attending the show, the first two years I was working in the Release Reels Booth. This year I will be going on my own and working on expanding the Century Rod Line and it's reach to you! (the customer) Truth Reels [...]

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I have been building rods now for about 20 years. Over this time, I have seen a lot of companies come and go, and new technology's become old. One thing that has been sorely missed is the old All-Star BGSW1209 10' throw a cinder block with it.... (weight rating) While it didn't have a lot of [...]

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California Bass

So... Striped Bass aren't just for the east coast.Striped Bass were introduced to the west coast in the late 1800's sent from New Jersey by Rail Car. Since then, the striped bass have been a staple of west coast saltwater fishery. They use the same tackle and techniques in the surf on west coast as they [...]

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The TP929, The Popping Rod for BIG Fish!

About 3 years ago we debuted 2 Offshore Fishing Rod Lines The VJ Series a Nano-Technology Rod Range designed For vertical Jigging and Popping, and the Ultimate Boat Range a Autoclave processed Composite for pretty much anything an angler can think of doing in a boat... With their clothes on at least.... The TP929 is a [...]

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Marlin Time!

Hi All, The Marlin bite has been on for a few weeks now and the Big Rock just ended.Century USA Pro Staff Sam Petry is First mate on the  Tuna Duck that runs out of Hatteras Harbor Marina. He has a full line of Century Boat Rods for clients to fish while while on board. One of [...]

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I went inshore yesterday with Captain Joey with Fingance Fishing, and Gary Hurley the Chief Editor of The Fisherman's Post out of Hatteras Village. We were wanting to see just what kind of a beating a (Ultimate Boat Rod # 847 7' up to 4oz lure weight 40-80# line class) UB847 Century Boat rod would [...]

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Going the distance ; Century’s new C2-D http://www.carpology.net

Going the distanceCentury’s new C2-D isn’t just the world’s most gorgeous-looking rod – it’s one of the most advanced too, as big fish angler and huge casting pro, Dave Springall explains…04 Jun 2015 / by Dave SpringallThe concept for the ground-breaking new Century C2-D long-range rod was born last April after a long phone conversation [...]

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The new C2-D for the carpies

To get the most accurate idea of the C2-D, let me tell you about how I like to fish. I have always enjoyed casting, the farther the better, with both conventional and fly gear. Maybe this has to do with not being able catch the fish the fish the grown ups were catching back when [...]

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Better ones today! Century 1328/VS275 getting it done T.J Harris

T.J Harris Century pro-staff member and striper sniper getting it done in R.I with the Century 1328! right in the middle of the push of big fish its nice see a very good fishermen on some big fish. Plus as true sportsmen he is catching and releasing all his fish. Now lets see if he tell people where he is fishing? 

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Century Rods KEVLAR NOR'EASTER surf rod up for Spring fishing

When I was up in Boston I drop a Century KEVLAR NOR'EASTER 9' surf rod off for Brian O'Connor to test out. I did not think he was going to put it to the test till mid summer but what I can only describe as pure luck! Brian got a nice 40" 30# bass in late May. lets [...]

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