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Century Meets the West!

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With the summer in full swing in California, wild fires burning the state to the ground and temperatures soaring, it has taken a new challenge to get the blood flowing again. Ironically I have just moved from the San Francisco Bay Area out to Lake County – the scene of many such fires!

After identifying an untouched reservoir and putting in a few sessions in the middle of winter, watching the water and seeing a couple of good fish move (30-40lb range), it was back to business as usual - targeting big fish in uncharted territory. For me nothing compares to catching big fish from lakes that have never seen a Carp angler.

In itself this creates a unique set of challenges, primarily in the form of bait application. The immediate things that spring to mind are the dreaded channel Catfish and the Turtle, both of which can wreak havoc on a HNV (high nutritional value) boilie approach and, also, how to compete with the natural food sources which have gone unchallenged.

This led me to the margin particle approach initially to see how fish would respond. Armed with my Century Fat Boy Slim 2/34 test curve rod I identified a point on the lake where I knew the Carp would patrol and I set to work. It paid off pretty quickly with a series of multiple fish catches in the low 20s, due primarily to pre-baiting and hook bait of a large Rod Hutchinson Megaspice corn pip tipped with rubber corn. The century FBS was an excellent performer in close and allowed me to apply as much pressure as necessary as the fish immediately registered drop backs into the marginal snags, creating a hook and hold situation whereas the rod didn't let me down at all. The confidence in not giving a hook pull was phenomenal. However, having caught 40 plus Carp on the FBS I knew deep down it would have been asking a lot of the rod fishing only 10-15 yards out and the hooked fish ploughing straight in. The particles clearly triggered the fish into feeding.

Armed with this information and prior to fall, when the fish really go in search of high nutritional value food, I started to introduce boilies in amongst the particles to assess the response and to see if Catfish or Turtles would zero in. Surprisingly thus far it has not happened. Catches continue to come on single glugged Rod Hutchinson Megaspice boilies fished critically balanced snowman style with a yellow 10mm pop up. Being a large clear sheltered reservoir it has become apparent that fish will show at 50 to 150 yards as the day heats up and with this information I have adapted again, knowing I will need to present a bait as accurately as possible and at multiple ranges.

I cracked out the 3.5 test curve century c2s and went back to work- not only because of the showing fish but because I know I can tire a bigger fish out in open water before it hits my marginal snags. I immediately reaped the rewards. Pin point accuracy became the game changer and the accuracy with these rods is unprecedented with the antitwist technology really coming into its own. I know the Carp are feeding on my boilies now which I have diligently been applying and I have hopefully created a competitive feeding environment whereby they want the bait offered. 

My latest session yielded 16 Carp up to 24lb 4oz in a 6 hour window fishing at various ranges with single boilies. The C2 has delivered all I have asked of it- close combat, long distance casts but, ultimately, pin point accuracy to showing fish. A phenomenal tool and so forgiving under the tip.

I will be back on the bank as soon as possible to continue my pursuit of the largest in the lake but in the meantime it's back to the wife and my 2 year old boys. Those little guys create a whole different set of challenges!

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