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Century C2-D Command and Control Distance

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C2-D Command and Control Distance. Is what you will do with modern marvel of carbon fiber technology. This rod Incorporates the best of the best in fibers, resins, lay-up, and processing. We have used our HPR ( High Performance Resin) which is a structural resin that actually is part of the structural make up of the composite not just a glue to hold the fibers together. This ads not only more power to a lighter composite but, makes it much more efficient, and faster on the recovery. Our ATT (Anti-Twist Technology) Which keeps the rod straight even under a torsional load of a sideways hook set, or an off center cast. The ATT also aids in a longer, more accurate, and easy cast. The ATT is a very complex lay-up of a very fine carbon fibers. This is very labor intensive processes and is one of the heavy contributors to the price of this rod. The deflection pattern of the C2-D is a moderate action or a "C Curve" with a heavy compression in the mid-section of the rod. This dose 2 things: 1) is it makes the rod very easy to load while maintaining a fast recovery. 2) absorbs the shock of the cast, so it launches soft baits a long way without casting them off, or ripping them up. This also allows un-aerodynamic to launch without tumble, and the ability to throw 5 and 6 oz without a shock leader. We have used this blank to build rods for everything from carp to roosterfish and everything in between... This rod was also the basis of the SurfMachine rod series. If you are looking for a rod that will do most anything well at long distance weather you are a novice or a seasoned angler this rod will make you the best caster you can be while not beating you up in the processes. this rod is available in 3 different lengths all rated up to 6oz lures and bait with the sweet spot being 2.5oz-5oz.

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